Sunday, 11 April 2010

at last

well at last i have finished something it may only be 10 figures but its a start from all the figures i've started...
all of them are from EM-4's combat zone, these are the trooper figures from the box set and a heavy weapon squad for simple conversions to the plastic sprues

the only conversion i did to the troopers was to add the auto shotgun from the ganger sprue

i tried to keep the painting as close to my original squad based on starship troopers style as that was the in film about when i did them last.

the heavy weapon squad metal torsos and arms/weapons added to the basic plastic body's.
i must get some more of these and they make some other arm sets as well.

almost finished is my first 15mm japs with the 20mm scale Italian 90mm a/t gun being used as a navy ship gun on a shore mount, something the japs did to give their positions more artillery
the good thing about the close ups is i get to see were i have missed, just a touch up needed then basing to finish off

i think it looks the part and the scale difference isn't to noticeable

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