Sunday, 17 May 2009

a weekends work

after a week of feeling run down i didn't think i would get anything done.
by sat morning i had managed to assemble just six figures so on sat morning i started with the rest of this battalion, 57 figures each one with a head swap and some with slight conversions done to them,
i had made about 30 of them before opening a new box to get the rest of the figures i needed as the British are not the most versatile out of the valiant sets, but after getting through at least 25 boxes of all sets i have quite a few spare bits.

so by the end of sat the battalion was assembled and based even the black undercoat was done

between 8am on Sunday morning and 4.30 pm all 57 figures were painted and finished off not a bad days work, I've even added some stripes to some of the figures

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