Sunday, 24 May 2009


partizan show, Newark
on the game side disappointing, most games were ww1 this fantasy English civil war game (cant see the point when you have the Spanish civil war in the same decade)
the set up looks the same as the scw, militias V's military etc, fascists V's republicans, looks the same just in a fantasy world.

the only ww2 game on show was in 15mm set on hex terrain, with the infantry and vehicles mounted on the same base, not sure why but it looked strange,

there was a pulp game on in 28mm scale, with a large u boat on table, then they spoiled it by putting zombies in the game, not sure what is with the current trend to mix historical with fantasy, just not for me..

a few Napoleonic games and acw, not my cup of tea but again all seem to be in 28 to 30mm scale
on the shopping side a good day, got some assaulto's and a panzer 1 tank for the scw project, along with some heavy artillery in 15mm scale for my afrika korps.
it is strange that it is now cheaper to wargame ww2 in 1/72 scale than in 15mm with the average ww2 vehicle costing £3 to a 15mm vehicle costing £6, less resin/lead more profit.

on another note i have seen the new star trek film, very good enjoyed it very tongue in cheek in places. also managed to watch lesbian vampire killers, a good laugh from start to finish if you like that type of humor
as well is a new Zealand film called last of the living, comic zombie flick with some good killing zombie moments, good in films but not very playable on the table in my book.

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