Tuesday, 12 May 2009

we wuz robbed!!!

i would like to say that the UN won the battle but the toombe terrorists managed to pull of a victory by luck on the dice throws.

it started out good by getting the advantage of attacking and having armour superiority with the addition of 2 T-55 tanks added to the Somali regulars in the UN, with the British 1st armoured recce squadron also on the table with 3 saladin a/c's and Israeli infantry all looked to be going well.

after a fierce fire fight we had lost a truck with casualty's to the infantry in it. but we had also taken out two enemy armoured cars and several infantry in the 1st built up area.

despite loosing a truck and having to walk to the objective we soldiered on looking for victory by the 4th move the Syrian infantry were on the table heading for the next objective, but meeting with a militia column and after exchanging shots and failing Morales they left the field for good

the British armoured car squadron but with the arrival of the last unit on the table the regular British inf in borrowed M113's we managed to grab the last objective and hold it until the game was over

Israeli inf advance

a last view from the Somali militia armour before they flee the battle

Israeli inf hold the objective

even with taking out 2 enemy armoured cars the last one would not flee

toombe navy cadet force with their recoilless armed jeeps

toombe regulars holding the objective

so after the longest game of the night at the club and a record for ak47 game lasting almost 3 hours the UN lost 3 units , the armoured car squadron, the Somali militia with armour and the Syrian militia ,
the toombe forces lost 2 units with many casualty's on the remaining ones but they held their morale until game over and the result was down to the dice throws, that is why we wuz robbed.
all figure are from peter pig, as are most of the vehicles with the added trucks from various die casts in the right scale, the saladins are from QRF with extra stowage added


  1. Great report Steve. Looks like you had a fun game. Hate it when people have uncannily excellent dice throws throwing lots of high numbers.

    I liked your photos too.


  2. Victory to the gallant people of Toombe. Once again they have driven back the invading mercenary army.

    The scores at the end gave Toombe a winning margin of 21 points, if the difference in the dice scores was deleted 15 points, still a convincing win.

    I enjoyed the game, thank you.