Wednesday, 25 February 2009

non pasaran

the Spanish civil war,
1936 to 1939 a war about many things, land freedom, Communists V's fascists a period i have done in miniatures twice now, first time was in the early 80's after reading some articles in military modeling about converting plastic airfix figures into the right figures. the second time was when i replaced the plastic figures for metal ones and also got hold of resin armoured trucks.
having not payed the period for some time i sold my forces on eBay but now i think i am ready to start the revolution again.
only this time in heroic 28mm scale

after browsing the anglian miniatures site and force of arms i am thinking about starting with anglian figures and force of arms for the home made vehicles that make the period so appealing to me.
i will be using some force of arms figures and probably some from other inter war ranges such as the Irish/black and tan era if they fit in figure wise

initially i will be aiming for battalion sized forces and probably using rompan el fuego for a rule set.
the pictures here are from my 20mm stuff i sold

so to start me off i expect about 40 to 50 figures a side with a small amount of vehicles such as the Bilbao armoured car
T-26 tanks
Pz 1's
all the crap tanks of ww2 making them the tigers/panthers of their day

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