Sunday, 8 February 2009

28mm germans

after assessing my 28mm scale ww2 forces i have ordered 2 sdkfz 251/1's from warlord games, i was tempted with panzer IV's from jtfm but i think transport should be done first as i have 2 panthers and a tiger in this scale.

i must get the yanks done as well as i only have 14 figures finished even though the rest are half done.
so today i hope to get my roman veterans finished before i get on with the 28mm yanks, as well as building more valiant figures

1 comment:

  1. Looks great Steve. Not posted last monday yet but will do in the next few hours.

    Do you mind if I take some photos of your blog from time to time for our main website front page? Full credit will be given as always as well as a link to your blog.

    At the moment I would like to use the photo at the top of this post with the tank and infantry.