Tuesday, 3 February 2009

painting horses with army painter dip

this is how i painted these horses, using the army painter dip method,

bear in mind that horses are not my strong point as i never get them looking right until now.

step 1 i used 7 base colours going left to right they are games workshop snakebite leather, black, desert yellow, vermin brown, grey primer, (Vallejo ) us field drab and gw bestial brown.

after painting the rest of the colours for the confederate cavalry i painted on the quick shade varnish and left to dry, (24hrs) next i Matt varnished them using humbrol Matt and the results speak for them self

and this is the finished unit of Perry's acw 28mm scale cavalry.

quite pleased with the results, but when painting horses don't forget to paint the legs in black i used a thin colour on these before adding the white socks , on some of the legs.

the colours that i think came out best were snakebite leather, desert yellow and us field drab , next to see if these will sell on eBay so i can get some roman cavalry from warlord games for my roman army.

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