Sunday, 15 February 2009

valiant americans

well another rapid fire battalion is finished for eBay after a good start to the week it went down hill with production reaching zero due to problems on the home front,

but thanks to the weekend i managed to pull it back and up production to complete this battalion of 48 figures
i did manage to watch battlestar galactica giving me ideas for space fighter combat if i can get hold of some vipers and cylons
also managed to see Gettysburg for the first time, not a bad film but not as good as glory could have done with more action scenes in it and less talking.
much better was street kings with keanu reeves (think i spelt it right). drama about police corruption in l.a.
glad lost is back on can't get by without a weekly fix of confusion even though i have watched every episode i have no idea what will happen next or were the story is going but that is what makes it good

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