Sunday, 22 February 2009

ss battalion finished

what a busy week as you can see my SS camo is getting better, finished this battalion on sat evening and for a change i got hold of a box of hat pak36r a/t guns, don't know why but they are made from rubber instead of plastic, it took ages to get the barrel straight ans i had to use pva to glue it together. not on my recommend list.

so on to the next stage, despite my daughters dropping in for the weekend i did manage to build another German battalion using mostly the classic infantry box set from valiant with only a few from the Normandy set. but i have made another pak 36 r!!!!!

also cleaned up from the lead mountain Spanish civil war figures i got from liberation miniatures a few years ago, one falange battalion, one international battalion and enough gun crews for 6 guns, total 130 figures built/prep in the day.
in doing the scw figures i am thinking of redoing it in 28mm scale but in keeping with the battalion level for the game side.
possibly using rompan el fuego for a rule set.

still waiting for my hanomag 251/1 to arrive from warlord games, its only been 2 weeks but i want to paint them while i have the impetus...

not much new on the TV/film front, battlestar good but not as good as last week, lost very good other than that I've been re watching ashes to ashes, shame no one makes any figures in 28 scale for them.
also found on the net snapdragon studios web site, i had not seen them about for so long i thought they had gone bust, mind you i only found them by accident as the web is under

they make some very nice 28mm scale stuff i could easily spend a lot of money with them.

so that will do for now, the total painted this week is 42, making the monthly total at 189 figures painted but with no work being done on the vehicles side.
one day i may even get to have a game with my figures.

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