Sunday, 15 February 2009

born to the purple

finished another cohort of plastic Romans, this time the veterans box with damaged Shields,bandaged heads to give them that veteran look.
i like the currant plastic figures making the larger army's more affordable and appealing, cant wait for the plastic auxiliaries from warlord.
the veterans were painted using the quick shade method but I'm not 100% sure about using silver as a base coat, the next box i will go with a black undercoat to see what that looks like.

also finished the mounted general and officer on foot.
these were done without the quick shade to make them look better than the rank and file of the men as officers would have looked.

also just seen pictures of warlords new emperor figure Marcus Aurelius i can just picture him on the table top with a couple of boxes of Praetorian guard around him.

so this makes the total for the month so far 147 painted figures with another 42 valiant Germans in Normandy built today and based and undercoat done. in the end a productive weekend.

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  1. Great Romans plucking up courage to use the magic highlighting stuff having purchased it recently. Very glad Warlord are doing plastic auxiliaries will encourage me to progress my Romans as the third project with WW1 & Spanish Succession 15mm's this year.