Sunday, 25 January 2009

total for the month

born to be wild!!!

just added up the total for the month/year so far is 189 figures and 19 vehicles painted.

most of this is made up with valiant minis for eBay in 1/72 scale, 15mm desert ww2 and 28 mm ww2, near future/kill zone types and Romans in 25mm scale.

started today was the next batch of figures another us infantry battalion (valiant miniatures) roman veterans (warlord games) and ACW cavalry (perry miniatures) just cos i fancied doing them, don't know if they will sell or not but i do need practice on horses so we shall see.

so that's another 80 figures (or do i count the horse and rider as 2 figures?) to the years total when finished,

after adding up last years total i estimate over 1000 figures were painted by me with most being done in the second half of the year. we shall have to keep a tab on the amount i get done this year.

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  1. Great painting Steve. Love your photos. They look excellent! You know me. I like good photos of wargames figures close up.

    Had no idea you were planning to start a blog or that you had begun one. Welcome to the blogosphere. If you need any help with the blog just let me know.