Sunday, 25 January 2009

busy time painting

work in progress on my dak force in 15mm scale, so far this month I've finished 19 vehicles and started 9 more as well as the infantry to go with both the dak and 8Th army.
after months of trying to get the colours i wanted i Finlay found the colour i needed for my flames of war project, the uniforms and vehicle colours did not look right to me after i did this army in 20mm scale using humbrol paint but as their colours changed over the years i have been unable to get the same look i had in 20mm scale.
so thanks to an accident with trying to mix paint for an air brush with gw paint and water i found the colour base for the uniforms in desert yellow with 50% water added it didn't work in the spray gun but washed over white it looks very good for the uniforms, and with a catachan green and water wash over the desert yellow when dry makes the afrika korps look about right as well.
the rest of the paints are gw and valjeo that i have been using.

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