Friday, 30 January 2009

the week that was

well so far it's been a busy week at work, went to the local club on Monday night and all who saw my desert 15mm stuff liked it.
so far I'm about 3/4 complete on an American infantry battalion for rapid fire. i made a start on my acw cavalry and my Romans but got distracted with some rare TV time.
not that i find much to watch these days. i did watch lost season 5 ep 3, very good twist and turns in it still even after 4 other seasons.
battlestar galactica getting better all the time can't wait for the next episode. life on mars USA version still think they could do better as they are taking it to seriously and not for fun like the British version,
also watched the new underworld film my opinion was crap could do better, didn't even last for hour and a half shame as the first two were very good films, much better was the wrestler bit like the first rocky film in places but very good with an ending leaving you wondering if he is alive or not.
looking forward to outlander as it's supposed to be like alien/predator films.

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