Sunday, 3 October 2010

sorry for the delay in posts

being ill, and not having the motivation to do much paint work,, has led to a down turn in production.
i have picked up the new warlord plastic Germans with the aim of doing them up. first impression is good. a shame the ammo pou hes are not separate to the figures as this would help the pose choice better
as for these pictures, i was taken out for the day last week, unknown to me it was at a place called tanks a lot

were we got to drive FV432 apc's and Russian BM21 tanks and to top the day off me to drive a chieftain tank over a Peugeot car, most fun i've had in a while, cant thank family and freinds enough for that day out
most recommended

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  1. Sorry you been ill Steve. Not a bloody cold was it? I still got mine and its making me feel like not doing a lot and still quite crappy.

    That looks like fun especially trashing that Peugeot with the tank. Where exactly was this place?