Monday, 6 September 2010

its been a while

well it has been a while scince i last posted, not managed to get much painting done, total for august is only 42 german paras, i did go to Eden camp over the bank hol weekend were front line reenactment group were playing the guards as it is an old pow camp,
a shame the vehicles are in a poor condition, all in need of repainting and looking after
still it was good to see some old friends i have not seen for 20 years, after that weekend i went into hospital for a week now sat at home on recovery leave, may even get time to lift a brush or two,,

on a good note i have picked up a box of the wargames factory sci-fi shock troops,
on first look. not bad, good poses, nice chunky weapons and plenty of spares
they should paint up a treat and fit well into combat zone games or even make better imperial guard than games workshop make. and a damn site cheaper as well

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  1. Glad you had a good time with your re-enactment group Steve. Hope you feeling ok.

    Like your pics of the vehicles.