Thursday, 4 February 2010

it was expected

after reading on the flames of war site that they are ending the Vietnam range after the next production run it comes as no surprise as it was only done for a quick money making exercise.
lucky for me i got both army deals and i'm not afraid to go to another manufacturer for more troops.
but the Huey's they produce are the best i've seen in 15mm scale i have one die cast Huey but the doors are shut, the plastic kits are not easy to get hold of and the QRF one has had a lot of bad reviews for me to send for some 'blind' and the metal pencil sharpener Huey's are under scale so they cant mix but they will do for my AK47 army's

on a not so sure side i got one of these tamiya tigers in 1/35 scale today, having never made one when i was younger i just fancied doing one, but i didn't expect the tracks to be in individual links!!! ill keep updates going and see if i can build a good 1/35 scale kit after a long time away from them lol..
last night i watched the start of season 6 of LOST all i can say is excellent 'as Mr burns would say' can't wait for the next episode

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