Sunday, 28 February 2010

end of feb total

after a slow start to the month i ended up doing 151 infantry finished off and 1 crashed Huey. not bad but yesterday i built 2 infantry battalions using italeri plastic figures.

the first of my IA DRANG pavn units, battalion HQ with hmg section very easy to do and i will probably fly through them.

my second infantry battalion for evil bay another 42 valiant figures just need the bases finishing off.

the first italeri battalion 99% from one box the newer hard plastic DAK apart from the mg42 mounted on the boxes they come from the elite German set and will do as mmg sections

the second italeri battalion from the elite German set with the pak 40 and crew added
making 86 figures assembled and based and started in the week end.
i don't know why but plastic figure company's never seem to do nice mortars or put a tripod mmg for the Germans yet the allies get vickers/30 cal/50 cal etc hopefully the new plastic soldier company will alter that, first up Russians minus the support weapons they come in another pack followed up with mid war Germans again minus the support weapons
hopefully they will be ok

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