Sunday, 7 February 2010

fortunate son

fortunate son, a song that goes with the Vietnam war like this slick, crashed dust off from battlefront minis, it took the best part of sat afternoon to put together and painted today, just needs dry brushing, markings and matt varnish & grass adding to finish off.
as always the first new model is slow to put together but some of the metal could have been cast in one in my view, still only 5 to go to finish of the 15mm Huey's i have including one more of these crashed ones...

also finished is my first German battalion for eBay for this year 42 figures from valiant miniatures. not a bad start to the month

so that's it for the modeling/painting side on TV, i managed to watch caprica the prequel to battlestar galactica, so far not very impressive ill give it a couple more episodes but its very slow and little sign of a space opera that is bsg

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  1. Thats very nice Steve. I do like those hueys.

    When you coming down the club next?

    By the way, not got your email address. Could you please email me at