Sunday, 14 February 2010


well i will not get time to get this batch based up but the painting side is finished, 52 8th Army figures in 15mm scale the total of the last few days work.

this motor infantry platoon has 27 men including weapons

the second half of my first 25pdr battery, only 4 more guns and crew to go to make the 8 gun battery!!!!!!!!

and this hmg platoon to complete this weeks figures

these are not mine, they have just been put up on the flames of war forum, 22 choppers, he also has a phantom and C47 gunship all 1/100 scale. impressive as well as mad, wish i could afford so many slicks.

even his terrain looks good, green fur matting simple and effective.
on to a last note it looks like i have just picked up my first commission for doing painted figures 16 German and American battalions for rapid fire
but i don't have a time on how quick they are needed for

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