Wednesday, 20 January 2010

back to normal

well after a short absence doing the decorating all now done i can get back to doing some proper painting,
so far I've only based up my warlord us para's i still need better lighting but these will do for now.
also just arrived today from battlefront, both army deals for Vietnam, boy the Huey's look good can't wait to start them, ill have to get the fow rules to play this version of the Nam i think.
if you have not yet seen daybrakers, go see it, very good take on the vampire films, also some good ideas for games as well.

this is i think my fave figure from the warlord box set, painted up a treat and looks like he's been in France for a good few days, i also painted the field dressing as patching him up on the arm .


  1. They look really good steve. When you coming down the club next? Shame you didnt come to the AGM. Nice to see you getting some more followers too.

  2. The FoW rules for Vietnam are in one of the issues of Wargames Illustrated from the last few months. I don't know if they're going to be released as a book at any point so you might want to go snap up that issue fast.