Friday, 11 September 2009


just a few pics of my latest air force, first up QRF's MiG 15 had it for about 10 years all metal kit, it needed lots of filling and filing and due to its weight it wont sit on its wheels so had to glue it to the base.

still it should make an objective marker for AK47 games

next my pencil sharpener Huey's again for AK47 games cheap and robust I've heard they can be picked up for £1

and last my airfix zero in flight mode must get some more to give my japs some air support and have some on the ground for scenic effect...

I've added a link to dropship horizon blog, very good blog for sci fi games in 15mm scale worth checking out in my view.
last managed to get to see inglorious bastards must say tarantino gets it right again a must to get on DVD great story, uniforms spot on and movie killings in the tarantino style a must see film.

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  1. Nice Zero! have a few Airfix & matchbox Zero's to make ...remember the airfix one being produced in light blue plastic in a blister pack....nostalgia! Airfix coming out with new mig15 in 1/72nd looks excellent