Sunday, 27 September 2009

all work and not much play

this week i have had to work so not much time for painting or playing but i have a game in 2 weeks with Andy Hamilton and his 15mm 1940 army's i did see his game last Monday, very impressive but i did not have my camera with me. makes me want to do a 1940 force next and not the pacific..

anyway i did get to rebase my dak panzer's by adding sand and small stones to the thin basetex i got from partizan. took some doing,

even added this peter pig ak47 dead figure to the kitty base as the track is about the same size as the gap in the body,
the end of the dak for now, next will be the 8th army, then on to some games with them

Diana tank hunters, nice

battlefronts mid war monsters, the zugkraftwagen 12t as used in 1939 in Poland and in 1940 in France in the Von kleist corps.. 10 of these were used looks like im on my way for early war army now.....

the bases still want finishing when they are dry

also finished today after being started over 10 years ago these 20 space rangers from EM4
i painted the power swords as light sabres with the commanders in purple but it looks more blue in this pic.

chunky and cheap but they will do for combat zone games

so not much finished this week, due to working some extra hours, but i have gotten some more valiant figures to do, got a German battalion built today and half based as well. also got some more warlord Romans and my first box of Celts, very surprised about the size difference, i am told that in real life the Romans were about 6 inches shorter than the Celts, just the scale looks odd from the same manufacturer.
as Autumn is approaching TV is looking better, heroes is back, stargate universe is starting in October and a new battlestar galactica movie from the cylon view is a strait to dvd release in October as well
out on Chanel 4 or 5 on Monday is flash forward looks good but will have to give it a few episodes to see,
also some good news as dollhouse is back after being canned by the makers in the USA they have changed there minds due to pressure from the fans, hope they keep it good.

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  1. Nice work with the 15mm paint jobs (Tiger et al). The base yellow paint scheme looks very good. The very something that was killing me to try and do as well as yours in 20mm.

    I ended up going for a 1943 mottled look, but I know you have an authentic DAK project in progress.

    The "tracked" or "mobile" 88mm carriers look interesting pieces. I'll have to find out more about their deployment.