Sunday, 4 October 2009

arriba espana

an early start for the month just finished these anglian/empress Spanish civil war falange militia, making my total of scw figures 50 completed and about a 3rd of the way to the first game in the rompan el fuego rule book.

these figures are such a joy to paint and full of caricature. I've probably out done myself by doing the eyes/eye brow etc.

as most falange were young men keen to follow Franco this one struck me as someone a bit older so i gave him a 9 o clock shadow and made him a squad leader. at least that is what i think the chevron was for

next up for the scw project will be some regular Spanish army for el Franco's side but as i only got 2 packs at partizan i will need some more
so 8 finished and another 42 half done in the first few days of the month, tomorrow a game in 1940 France 15mm scale at the club.
also this weekend i have watched the new stargate universe, so far the jury is still out not sure about it yet even after a double first episode

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