Sunday, 18 October 2009

still burning

another weekend and more gets finished, despite a lull in the last couple of months the desire to paint and game is getting stronger again.
yesterday i picked up 2 more boxes of warlord roman legionaries enough to complete my legion of 10 cohorts. i find it interesting that when i started at the wargames club a roman army was my first choice but it didn't last.
i know the plastics are not much cheaper than metals but at least they are more readily available at local model shops.

so on to today's finished projects, another valiant American battalion for rapid fire, the 60mm mortar crew man has a metal head from the raventhorpe range scale wise it fits ok and as they do french kepis etc a french battalion is possible.

found in the back of a draw were these MLR German para's and 4 SS figures. the SS have been painted as army in splinter pattern smocks and the para's in splinter and tan water pattern.
the German para with the FG42 in the plain green smock is an old lamming figure that i put new arms on and the ammo bandoleer.
i how have enough figures to form a 'add hok' battalion of army and para's if i ever want to join in a game in 20mm scale

also finished today these 2 hovels buildings for the club. even though I've had them for a good few years they have been left undercoated waiting to be done

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