Tuesday, 27 October 2009

more romans

a bit late with this update but i have been working on these Romans, 2 cohorts to add to my legion, total of 33 figures
i decided not to use the army painter quick shade as i find it slower than my own way...
but with a new camera it shows up the painting as it has a good zoom on it, but in the flesh as it were they look good.
next to get them varnished and based then add the shields for the full effect

a home made optio second in command of the cohort after the centurion, made by simply using a spare head from the praetorian set and cutting down the pilum

another conversion just add a spare arm from the veteran set i also used a veteran head in one of the cohorts.
not too much finished but this lot puts me about half way to complete the legion .


  1. nice paintjob, really like it! What's your paintingmethod that's faster then a dip?

    greets the belgian,


  2. for me, painting with the dip means an extra day for the dip to dry and another for the matt coat to dry
    paint and highlight works better for me and i don't loose detail on the figures in my opinion