Wednesday, 7 October 2009

the good the bad and the ugly

the game was the good, a 15mm ww2 game set in 1940 France playing as Rommel crossing the river Meuse 12th may 1940.

using Andy Hamilton's very nice 15mm figures and terrain we set about attacking the french, even though we had more troops/tanks/guns etc crossing a river in any game is never easy,
our simple objective is to get one tank/armoured car across the river to win, the french have artillery that may run short of ammo. tanks that may show up on the day and 3 infantry battalions. the Germans have 2 infantry regiments, armoured cars, artillery, assault engineers, and tanks that may show up..

the plan is simple build a bridge and cross the river. i did get a combat engineer battalion across in the rubber boats i even built the bridge and in the moment of our victory my co German player failed his command roll to get the armoured cars across the bridge,

i did almost get a motorized infantry battalion across but half way over the bride the french artillery got a direct hit on the bridge and destroyed 3 sections taking most of the battalion to the bottom of the river still in their trucks..... so with not enough bridge sections left and with no German armour turning up the game was lost.
in reality Rommel's troops almost didn't make it as well.

one of Andy's converted vehicles a command hanomag from SDD, the map table is scratch built

peter pig infantry with a converted horch with 20mm flak gun mounted on it

the start of the bridge, another scratch build but then Andy is very good at scratch building.
the bad, Wayland games. i placed an order for some warlord roman command packs. so far i have been charged air mail for posting in the UK???? (when asked why he blames the post office and says my county does not exist and i should just put lincolnshire)
his web shop says 2 to 3 days delivery and all items in stock. so far 12 days later and 5 days after the dispatched email arrived no Romans have turned up.
as they have posted it air mail i assume my figures are now over seas somewhere
so the ugly is what is happening with the bad Wayland games, my advice is never use them again. i will let you know if they ever turn up...

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  1. Very nice France 1940 game, one of my favourite periods