Sunday, 11 October 2009

back on track with figure painting 50 figures done this week along with some buildings

first up valiant Germans in Normandy, with one figure from the classic set, heading for evilbay one day i will stop selling the figures i do and just paint for me.
on the other hand with the next valiant set almost ready for tooling.....a mixed box with each sprue containing 8 German paras and 8 British infantry for Crete it should be an interesting set and see how much can be used with the other sets

also done this week, these old MLR figures found in the back of a draw. with the cross of iron set i'll soon have a battalion lol.

nice sculpts just a shame they are hard to get nowadays.

started and finished 4 buildings, these two from monolith very pleased with the results so i have started 2 more today along with some other ruins and some hovels buildings, also finished 2 faller plastic railway houses that were in a box of broken buildings.

foundry's b team Hannibal smith for scale

so not a bad week, apart from no reply from Wayland games after 2 weeks i have had to resort to pay pal to try to get somewhere, if they would at least reply and let me know if there is a dispatch problem or not.
but as they have charged for air mail i expect my Romans to be out of the country by now...

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