Thursday, 15 October 2009

rome was built in a day

no not the city, just the re basing of these for impetus rules, 20 figures on each base of 12cm by 6cm.

after some planning out to get the figures to look like a cohort in depth and at a ratio of 24 to 1 the 1st cohort had about 800 men making that base need about 33 figures to represent it so that will need about another 4cm adding to the base depth but it should look good.

this is about 1/3rd of my legion plus 2 cohorts of Praetorian, but i should only need to buy another 2 boxes of plastic Romans.

i have today built another 30 Romans making one and a half cohorts including making some optio's using spare heads from the Praetorian set

imagine this lot 3 times over making one leigon, should look good on the table top.

1 comment:

  1. Bloody nora, I'm impressed - it's taken me an age to paint 16 of these excellent Warlords - but you've knocked out all these buggers!
    Nice one.
    All the best, Monty