Sunday, 1 November 2009

month total for october

a busy month for October, more new figures than painted and more painted than i thought i had done, i only got to the club once for a game in October due to working, i did try to get there on the Thursday session but upon arrival it looked closed last week.
so on to the figures finished last month, total was 151 figures, 60 re based, 1 Sherman tank and crew, and 8 buildings finished.
part of the finished or almost finished are the 2 bases of Romans that need shields adding when the basetex is dry. the reason the base has a gap at the front is for a Celt to be added and a dead roman when i get some for making the bases look good.

the 3 lighter looking Romans are done with army painter dip and silver spray, all the rest are done in bolt gun over black undercoat i think it looks better and i don't loose detail like i think you do with the dip method

these 5 1/100 scale kits i got from a Friend at a good price all for AK47 games and as he runs a business i will be helping him at next weekends IPMS show at telford just a shame he only makes aircraft mostly or large figures as in 120mm scale
so all in all a good month, this month sees the release of the remake of V in america from the trailers i have seen it looks very good no idea if or when it gets shown over here probebly have to watch it on line if it gets put up.

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