Thursday, 12 November 2009


a inside view of the Hampton bomber undergoing restoration at RAF cosford this was found about years ago in Russia after the Berlin wall came down it has a long way to go before it goes on display at the museum.

these first world war planes will one day see the sky's again after their restoration they told us these two will fly again.

a fairy battle undergoing restoration

a side shot of the Hampton, they have most of the aircraft, and when it is finished one side will be as it was, and the other as it was found on the crash site, one of 9 Hampton's lost on their way to help Russia out in the second world war

another shot of the ww1 planes.

the TSR2 a long way from the biplanes of ww1,
a what if it was made plane, the history of its project cancellation will remain a mystery, all i know is the labour government of the 60's and the American governments did not want us to have it as it was better than anything the Americans made and it would have stopped the Americans selling their aircraft.

a Russian MiG from the same era as the TSR2 and a F111 behind it

a shot from the balcony in the cold war hanger

a fairy delta experimental plane

another experimental plane, i think it is a Bristol 188

the V1 and V2 among rockets and missiles in the warplane hanger.

a me410 night fighter

an interesting shot of a junkers ju52 in British airways markings, the upper gunners position was covered over and riveted in place to make it a civiy plane!!

the last lincoln bomber boy is it big. not sure if is bigger than the lancaster or not.

a german komet rocket fighter, bigger than i imagened.

all in all a good day out and well worth a visit and a nice change to see inside the restoration hanger but its only open for this one week a year.

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