Sunday, 22 November 2009

eye candy

like all wargamers i'm always keen to see the nice figures/vehicles on offer from all manufactures after my recent visit to the ipms show and finding Cromwell models there who can resist spending some hard earned cash on his nice models.???
this marder 3 with pak36r looks good but a set of instructions would not go amiss to help build it. with the seat configuration and thin parts i put the gun into the travel position just to give it some strength.

this sig 33 another from the Cromwell combat ready range, nice easy to build. (3 parts) just needs a commander figure, not yet sure if to add markings to them both. i also built a German battalion from valiant figures this weekend, so far they are half painted.

i found this picture on a forum site showing empress miniatures next release, 28mm modern Afghans and sas troops. the sas boys look like they will fit into lots of games look forward to seeing them in the metal at a show sometime

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