Wednesday, 18 November 2009

work rest and play

well after a busy time working, not much time for painting or gaming i have some progress on my 8th army vehicles as always trying a different approach to the painting to get a more varied look to them and so far quite pleased with this batch, still a long way from getting finished

motor rifles transport

another 2 cohorts of Romans finished but i have left a space for a dead or wounded figure to add to this one with my fist Celt charging into the line but on the same base the scale difference is more noticeable.

just arrived today after a mere 3 day wait my latest Spanish civil war order, being weak for nice looking terrain i added this barricade from empress miniatures along with some more nationalist figures bit by bit the scw project is getting there, i'm even thinking about making some terrain boards for it (only thinking at the moment mind)
also finally finished these few 20mm vehicles at one time it was all i did. now sold but a few remain after being found in the darkest parts of the cupboards lol,
this 251 ausf d with Britannia crew finished along with a revel panther and some Cromwell tigers that just need bases finishing off.

finally still on the scw i finished these Spanish foreign legion figures from empress (ex anglian) full of caricature and one day they will face the game table...
on the bad news side my order for Romans from weyland games never arrived and after waiting from the 26th September i finally got a refund from pay pal weyland never replied to emails, unless from pay pal, and after getting a refund i will not be using them again.

on to TV, a remake of the prisoner has been shown on American TV to mixed reviews i have managed to see the first episode and so far wouldn't recommend it as it has no plot to it and little mystery but i may give another episode a go .
on the plus side the new V is betting better every episode better than the original in my opinion

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