Thursday, 5 November 2009

blood bowl, nam and V

well im not getting much work done on painting, partly due to getting the psp game of blood bowl, got to say it is not bad, it plays well like the miniature version.

my only gripe would be some of the teams are missing, no undead, elves or dark elves, halflings
but you do find the star players in the one off games. not started the campaign yet still getting used to it but i would recommend it.
Vietnam, one of my favorite era's in history, great films made about it and having done it in 20mm scale and even started it in 28mm but still not finished enough for a platoon of grunts.
today i found these on the flames of war site, now doing the Nam in 15's at first i'm not sure about it, but the slicks look good and i like the way they have done the rotors moving in clear plastic

even these troops don't look bad in the scale looking forward to wargames illustrated next issue to see the rules even if only for ideas.
finally on to V watched it online last night, i won't give out any spoilers but a big improvement to the original, darker, better approach to it, (bsg put a whole new look on sci-fi ) cant wait for the next episode but it would be better on a big screen, no idea when or if it comes over here no doubt on a sky channel first so no chance of watching it on TV
probably have to wait for the DVD to see it on the big screen,

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