Sunday, 16 August 2009

cleethorpes rocks ?

well this weekend was cleethorpes rocks music festival. not too well advertised for those like me that don't read the local rag, the headline act was the zutons/the proclaimers. early reports from people who went say the proclaimers were better. me couldn't care about those bands, but had there been better advertising i would have gone to see secret affair. reformed a couple of years ago and still going strong. me "i'm just another glory boy"
what a chance to see a band from my youth in my hometown gutted as i only found out about them on the afternoon of the festival...
any way after a week with little painting done due to having an operation on my back on Monday with it irritating me not much got done. until the weekend were i did these 3 eldar space ships and finished this German battalion of 42 figures as well
still want to scratch my back but can't as its healing

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