Sunday, 9 August 2009

these guys are popular

as these are supposed to be limited edition they seam to be popping up every were at the moment.
so not one to feel left out i was in the mood to do them as they were only undercoated from when i did Kelly's heroes figures. they are full of character and paint up well.
i will no doubt use them as commanders in my republican force for my scw army.

if it were not for the photos of this one i would not have put him in Spain but in gangster era Mexico still could if i repaint his hat.....

also finished this week with having a short brake from dull uniforms etc these 5 corporate babes from coplestone miniatures even though they look like the spice girls a bit they made a change to uniforms.

so not much finished this week total of 11 figures with the a team but lots started, one German battalion built and part done over the weekend, and 60 afrika korps in 15mm half painted as well as some panzer's and even built my dak artillery unit in 15mm scale
so what else have i done this week, watched transformers 2, not bad but not as good as the first one, just finished watching G.I. JOE not worth re watching but kids will no doubt like it.
also been following peter Jackson's new film the remake of the dambusters, going on his track record lord of the rings was great, king kong what a let down so bad it made me ask for a refund lol.
now his problem with this film is guy Gibson's dog nigger, he wants to change the dogs name as its not PC any more, why mess with history, no doubt the RAF will have a black man on guys aircrew just to be politically correct, stick to the truth and just make a good film is my opinion.

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  1. Ha! and your discussion of Gibson's dog meant that you blog was blocked in my normal log on location!