Sunday, 2 August 2009

british infantry weekend

after the results of the other command bases i attempted to go a step further with this British regiment HQ unit

5 British figures and one dead German officer together with the italirei plastic fence, please note this fence is a pig to glue as i ended up using pva .
so far so good, with the conversions done to each figure and set in place painting started .
i think the pictures speak for themselves but i could do with some practice on the stripes as i tried to do a Sargent and only managed a corporal

quite pleased with the unshaven look been trying to get that looking right on figures for a while .

also finished this week is this battalion, with some conversions in total 59 figures for the start of the month is not bad.
the end total for last month was 166, no idea how many i've done this year but its well over 1500 at a guess

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