Sunday, 6 June 2010


an interesting week, finished 42 fallschirmjager yesterday all from the new italeri tropical German para box, nice figures but some of the detail could have been better,
i went back to white primer to try to get a brighter look to them and for trying out different base colours for the splinter patten smocks
but the blue looks too light in the pictures so next time i will go with a darker blue

i also started another 2 German battalions in the week, so far they are almost half way done, but i think i will need a change to keep up the momentum for this contract.

after everyone saying how good avatar was i was lent a copy to see if i liked it, well after two attempt to watch it (fell asleep first time), switched it off after an hour second time, can't see what the fuss is about, poor graphics when they land on the planet, very slow story and i lost interest and gave up on it.
glad i didn't pay to see it. another film with too much hype and incoherent story in my opinion

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