Sunday, 26 July 2009

another week another battalion

another week goes by and another battalion is built/painted and listed on evilbay, one day i will be able to keep some of the battalions i have done.

so here is another German unit with pak 40 a/t gun this time. mostly made from the classic Germans with parts from the Normandy Germans and some of the spare American bits. in total 51 figures finished this week. with the command units done, and i have had a re supply but only got a box of British and Germans in Normandy

but i also got the italieri fence set

a bit of a disappointment as the hard plastic will not take to plastic glue very well

i got them with the intention of scenic effect on the infantry bases but i will have to find some glue that will hold them properly

tomorrow should be a game of new ak47 a report will follow if the toombe terrorists are brave enough to turn up and do battle.

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