Sunday, 12 July 2009

more british inf and kill zone

an interesting week, very busy at work, with not much inspiration for painting during the week, only minor progress made. however this was made up for over the weekend.

this latest British infantry battalion with many conversion figures as i did not have enough to make the battalion if you look closely at the pictures the officer with map has had a few changes i like the one of him with the Thompson and also the Bren with a new arm added from green stuff but i could do with more practice on that side of the hobby.

so in total finished for the week is 53 British infantry already listed on evil bay and looking for a new home.

now as the lead mountain is now a mole hill i today turned to some undercoated kill zone figures, having not played the game in a few years these have been sitting on the side in a box waiting for me to carry on with them.

so today i did, first on the bench are the corporate babes from coplestone castings now these are only WIP and are not finished most done was this dark lady with no fashion sense and in the background is MR T and Murdock from foundry's 'b' team. not their best casts but Ive had them so long i assume their are recast better now.

speaking of recasts today anglian miniatures was sold to empress miniatures (never heard of them until today)
a company run by two women doing Zulu wars in 28mm scale, so hopefully the Spanish civil war will continue under new owners lol.
tomorrow night we will be playing AK47 new rules at the club a report Will follow and maybe the UN can have their revenge on the toombe terrorists

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