Sunday, 5 July 2009

rome painted in a day, lol

well its been a hot week and i felt like doing nothing at times but soldiered on to try to get something done, so here as you can see is my roman Praetorian guard unit for the impetus rules i found last week on the net,
20 figures based on one base 12 x 6 cm in size to give them a sense of depth and also painted without using the army painter dip method. as i find it quicker this way as the dip takes a day to dry then you have to matt coat another day etc,

also done this weekend is a valiant British battalion built/converted as i didn't have enough rifle armed figures i started cutting them up and making the figures needed, with the help of some green stuff for the gaps etc they are now ready for undercoating

just one thing to add a new film coming soon is daybrakers, about vampires taken over the world and only a handful of humans left, etc looks good having seen the trailer.

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