Sunday, 28 June 2009

an interesting week, not much done on the plastic side of figures but the last of my black tree Americans were finished this week.

the final 16 figures and 4 prone figures along with 6 dead Germans makes this the end of a long running painting session that started back in 2000 when i first got the Germans and Americans.
to begin with some of the Germans were painted very quickly then as other projects got underway the rest fell into the dark recesses of the gaming cupboard, so this year has been set a goal of getting them finished before they reached 10 years old.
next step is to use them in a game, rules as of yet unknown.

speaking of rules i got some free download rules today that look ok one set called 'breaking news' set in today not ww2 but the set looks to have promise as does 'impetus' a ancients to 100 years war type dba set that sets out a base size and leaves the amount of figures put on them up to the gamer.
they looked so good i built a roman Praetorian guard box today and got them undercoated as well.
anyway total done this week is 26 with another 20 started, making the month total 173 and 8 vehicles completed.

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