Sunday, 7 June 2009

wargames illustrated

a bit late for some as the revamped wargames illustrated has been out for a couple of weeks now, my 2 cents worth on it,

more pages, more pictures, plenty of flames of war articles seen as they own it now bound to have free adverts for their stuff can't complain about that as i like ww2 even more in 15mm scale.

just as long as it stays a wargame mag and not a games workshop spin off product type thing i won't mind,
now they have made this very nice objective marker only for people who enter their competition games at 3 shows, one in the USA and two in New Zealand, damn shame its not available to buy apart from on eBay for a stupid price i bet, i think it would look great in an AK47 game (think back to Sahara film)

i can just see my dictator boss in the back leading his army on to victory
got two new Cd's this week manic street preachers, journal for plague lovers, so far not very impressed with it not one of the tracks stands out as a good track, i hope it will get better over time as i think its the worst one they have put out, i did think the same about lifeblood but that one got better after a few times in the player and the songs were known.
the other one on the music side it the great escape by the Rifles first class music with some nods to the jam in the songs, not quite as good as no love lost but a good second album by this band, one i would like to see if i get the chance

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