Sunday, 14 June 2009

i fought the law

just after finishing these anglian Spanish civil war figures and panzer 1 i found out that anglian miniatures is up for sale, bloody shame i cant afford it. lol

i hope that if it gets new owners they can keep up the good work already started on with this very nice range.
as you can see the panzer 2 still needs its base finishing off and the commander needs gluing in to place,
the figures are all assault guards a sought of para military police force that stayed loyal to the republican side mostly.

they are such a joy to paint very full of character but with no kit on them they seem to ask for that bit more when on the paint table.

also started this week is the Bilbao armoured car from force of arms a resin and metal kit , it went together ok and is so far undercoated, along with the Kelly's heroes and scw limited edition figures.

i have also built another valiant American battalion but as i was short on the number of figures needed i have been converting the officer and NCO figs to make the others needed, pictures to follow cos i am very pleased with the results.

so total for this week is 20 scw assaultos and a panzer 1 ausf a completed with 48 yanks built along with 5 character figures also started

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