Sunday, 7 June 2009

another 48 hours

no not the film that is the time it has taken to make this American battalion, built on the 6th of June (d-day) undercoated this morning and painted up in the day, to make this the 30th valiant battalion i have made
also made this week these 3 Hat panzer III's painted up with the Vallejo German armour paint set some nice colours in this set with the extra stowage on the vehicles from the valiant Normandy Germans it make sense to do these as ss panzer div Hohenstaufen, giving me another chance to try the oak leaf came on the helmets and zeltbarns.
and in case your wondering these panzer's are not sprayed as i haven't gotten used to the spray gun so they are brushed to look like spray.

so total for this week is now 48 yanks, 3 panzer III's with my Spanish civil war assaulto's half done and with some work being done to the panzer I also for SCW things are looking good this month

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  1. 30 Valiant infantry battalions? Er, gosh.

    I have recently purchase one box of GI Joes and was impressed with how they looked on the sprue. It's now the small matter of getting them from sprue to painted tabletop.

    Out of interest what painting guide did you follow? I was waiting for their website to release one.