Tuesday, 16 June 2009

one night, 2 games

well one night and 2 games played, 1st game (both with 15mm desert forces) the rules used were the old grimsby waragme ww2 rules long before they were turned into rapid fire,
forces on both sides were 2 platoons of motorized infantry and a tank troop each. Matilda's for the British and pz 3 for the Germans.
after dicing each turn for who had the advantage the British had seen off the panzer 3's by the 3rd move and set about destroying one of the infantry platoons. so by the time the Mk3's had returned minus the one lost in the initial engagement the infantry were just about to be routed . thus ending any hope of the Germans winning the game.

now on to the second game same forces and terrain this time trying out blitzkrieg commander with the clubs own additions to the rules, the Germans got the advantage early on in the game and the pz 3's raced out to halt the British advance. in doing so they destroyed half a platoon forcing them into cover in the town, before having a go at the Matilda's.
they were eventually destroyed/routed but gave the German infantry time to reach both German and British objectives and also digging in to stand a good chance of holding their ground and thus winning the day

so in the end i think the blitzkrieg rules were better, but the gun ranges could do with altering but i would leave the movement distances alone.
as they seem ok.
next time i hope to have more British done as i didn't have enough command groups for them and i think a good scenario along with some objectives would make a good game.
it would also be a good idea to take more pictures as these were all i took all night and these were from the first game and not the German victory lol...

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