Friday, 12 June 2009

limited edition???

when is a limited edition figure not limited?
the reason i ask the question is that these 2 Spanish civil war figures were listed as limited on the northstar site, after it had a revamp they listed a 'few' left.
just in case they are limited i ordered them along with Kelly's hero's and one week later they have arrived, not bad service, next to my anglian assault guards they look ok size wise.

hopefully i will paint them up as good as the two scw figures shown,
but i think i can do better than the Kelly's hero's figures since when did a Thompson look grey?
and these are the best painted versions i have found on the web.
these are also the first artizan figures i have had, again they size up ok next to anglian or even my black tree design figures, i only hope that these yanks don't take 10 years to do as i still have some of my old BTD figures part done.
one day i will use them in a game don't know were, don't know when lol.....

speaking of games Monday night sees the return of the dak to the grimsby wargames club my first ww2 game in a long while 15mm scale with me providing both sides, rules so far to be used will be our old club set before they were altered into rapid fire, battle reports and pictures to follow.....

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  1. Those Kelly's Heroes figures have been painted with a technique popular amongst Role Players and 'Fantasy' gamers, called NMM - Non Metallic [painted] Metals. The idea being to replicate what artists do and get the metallic effect without using what they see as inferior metallised pigments. Personally I think it usually looks worse, but some of the European masters of this technique make it look much better than metallics. But it only really works for photography, not in 3-D views.