Sunday, 14 March 2010

tiger, vietnam and more germans

well busy week is had by all i finally started my 1/35th tiger kit even going as far as doing zimerit!!! this is my first attempt at it and using a saw blade and model putty im pleased with the results,
might even do some in 20mm scale just need a smaller saw blade.

i added this bulkhead to paint the engine bay black so as not to show white in the vents on the engine deck

i also added some shells and ammo boxes and a check plate floor, not going to win prizes for being correct but when the hatches are left open at least it will look like something is inside.
the shells are from the modern equipment set from italeri

also today i finished my 1/100 scale skyhawk for Vietnam games just in case i have to call in for a broken arrow if the gooks get too close....

finally this week i finished this rapid fire battalion made using the italeri elite Germans with some Africa corps and the pak 40 with crew added from those sets as well.
a shame they still make the German mg gunner with the wall or box but at least the plastic is harder and paints up better.

the pak 40 and crew set is very nice hopefully they will do more gun sets like this one. even for other nations.

so tomorrow i have a game at the club, AK47 is on the menu and hopefully the dice will be in my favour lol...

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