Sunday, 12 April 2009

romans, red dwarf

well bank holiday normal weather, cold and cloudy with added rain, very little on the TV. = painting time.

Friday started out good with the completion of the wargames factory Romans. and interesting set, compared to the warlord set these take a bit longer to assemble and don't look much on the sprue,
i don't think they would take to the army painter system as the plate mail spray would fill the chain mail too much and you would not see it. best results light spray of black and dry brush silver/bolt gun colour and dry brush the helmets in gold. the rest paint as normal.
i like the transfers rub down not water slide, once you get used to them i.e. lining them up then rub with thumb. results speak for themselves.

so by Saturday 48 republican Romans finished, i decided to paint some old lord of the rings figures, that have been sat at the back of the table for a long time collecting dust.
you know when you want to do something and the results look great. (pics to follow)
total so far for the month now at 106. and rising.

on to TV, all new red dwarf on Dave Chanel, 3 episodes mixed reports from some people me i liked it but i wont put any spoilers on here in case you missed it or don't get free view channels.

also watched the season finale of terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles. interesting twist at the end i was unsure when i started watching it as the films are good on their own and this seemed to change the film story's but slowly i warmed to it and now looking forward to the next season. but with rumors of it not being made any more is just typical of American TV company's they always cancel the good shows but keep making the cheap reality TV ones.
also worth watching is dollhouse getting very interesting well written and after seeing Eliza Dushku dressed as a dominatrix leaves a good imprint on the mind.......... but this is also in doubt for another season,
at least there is always lost. never fails to be dull, always interesting and well written.

another success next doors single cell organism that is their son gave up playing rap music could be due to me playing stiff little fingers hanx CD at 1/4 vol if i play any louder i cant stay in the room
buy quality sound equipment you don't need to play it at max vol like the kids do these days.

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