Sunday, 19 April 2009

hordes of the things

10mm figures for the HOTT game system when i got them years ago easy painting i thought, wrong, the level of detail for the size is very good but most of it only shows up when painting them,

first up were the orcs 63 figures making the army up, started out with green dry brush followed up with goblin green highlights and then the detail stands out, look close and I've even done the eyes!!!!!
bore riders/wolves/bats and spider make up the rest of the army.

next was the amazon army or army's as i only need a command base and i got 2 HOTT army's for the price of one.

78 naked female amazon warriors again look easy to paint just flesh and weapons but i got carried away as normal ,
i like the queen on litter idea still this makes a change from valiant figures.
I've even done some more work on the afrika korps in 15mm scale, another 5 trucks done and just the drivers and passengers to finish off.

total for the month now stands at 246 figures, plus two 1/56 scale hanomags and 12 15mm trucks .
on a sad note terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles is a cert to be cancelled so no season 3 just when it got interesting ,
still ashes to ashes is back Mondays at 9pm BBC1 "fire up the quattro" here we go again in the 80's.......
managed to get a copy of caprica, the battlestar galactica spin off set before the fall of the colony's and how the cylons were created, overall a bit slow going, but with some good ideas like a hollow graphic Internet but when the cylon prototype shows up it moves like the new cylons very fast not slow and clumsy like they used to be. even in the last episode of galactica they are slow.

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