Sunday, 26 April 2009

afrika korps

a quiet week on mass painting, but down on the dak side in 15mm these could be the best I've done so far,

one mmg platoon 15 figures and 4x mg34's on tripods, finished enough transport to field two platoons of Rommel's finest look closely they even have number plates on them. (these are skytrex, fiddly little things but worth the look on the vehicles)
along with the mmg platoon I've done all crew figures for another 8 vehicles totaling 32 extra figures not part of any platoon or HQ unit, just to make the trucks look good....

just need better light to get some better pictures.
this weekend i also cleaned up 52 figures from mongoose publishing's mighty army's now deleted i believe, got them a few years ago on a whim but not sure what they are made from, tons of flash and made like steel when trying to file them down best results is with sharp knife but then I've only got 10 fingers and came close to loosing them lol.

so now the month total is at 293 can i brake the 300 figures painted in the month?
also added up the year so far, 960 figures painted lots started and undercoat done ready to do when i have the incentive

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